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Stainless Steel: Colors and Textures


Last updated Dec 21, 2023 | Published on Jul 10, 2017

Stainless steel is a durable substrate that can be enhanced with a number of different color and texture options.When it comes to stainless steel, there are many colors and textures that can be added to enhance the visual and tactile attributes of a component. With an endless number of patterns and hues from which to choose, Boyd can support your development with virtually any desired combination.

Versatility of Stainless-Steel Finishes

In addition to creating textures mechanically, Boyd can also create textures organically to have linear, geometric and micro patterns. Linear patterns can be in the form of pinstripes with the lines varying in thickness for accent/highlight purposes, geometric patterns that are structured to have bold distinctive values or micro patterns that are subtle patterns of tightly aligned shapes and/or lines. Organic textures can also be natural patterns that look handcrafted, such as woodgrain.

Textures can be created to be transparent, tinted, opaque, or colored, with high or low gloss values and varying tactile values. All textures can be combined with custom colors that which can be applied overall or selectively deposited.

Subtle Stainless Steel Finish

For subtle designs and harmony considerations, customers often lean towards choosing 430 stainless steel using a No. 4 brushed finish. This combination is often layered with black, silver, or grey tints and a fluid pattern such as a micro or organic texture. Muted tone finishes are typically seen in home appliance suites across multiple applications, such as on microwaves, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and refrigerators that are within view of one another.

Modern, Brilliant Stainless Steel Finish

For a modern look, customers frequently choose a higher gloss for a more brilliant finish. An example of this this would be 430 stainless steel with a No. 8 BA (bright annealed) polish. This finish is known for its blue hue, reflectivity, and lack of visual grain structure. Customers typically combine this finish with white or black coloring and/or geometric texture accents. Applying the brush in multiple directions can add gradation and tactile value to the geometric pattern. Colors applied selectively can be used to offset sections of a pattern.

Boyd provides a variety of options for different looks and finishes to enhance the look of stainless steel applications. To learn more about our metal decoration and fabrication capabilities, reach out to our experts.

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