Infineon EV Inverter Liquid Cold Plate

Infineon Technologies continues to partner with Boyd to develop improved systems and solutions for cooling electronics in hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV/EV). We see that EV and HEV production and consumer adoption is exponentially growing and will continue to as environmental standards push for cleaner, more compact, and less expensive transportation.

Customer demands require greater connectivity and more powerful internal electronics and vehicle operating systems in addition to already increased power requirements. New technologies and improved electronics ultimately result in additional waste heat. Without adequate thermal management, electronic reliability and lifetime required for vehicles running safely is significantly impaired to the point of device and system failure. Solutions like liquid cold plates and heat sinks safely remove heat from these crucial electronics to ensure reliable performance.

The Infineon/Boyd partnership enables our team to jointly design and produce fully optimized, highly effective cooling solutions for Infineon’s high-performance electronics for electric vehicles and hybrids.


Thermal Characterization of Infineon’s Double Side Cooled (DSC) MOSFETs and Boyd’s Dual Sided Liquid Cold Plates

The latest efforts of the Infineon/Boyd partnership produced a paper detailing the manufacturing of Boyd’s dual sided liquid cold plates, its thermal and hydraulic characteristics, and its impact on Infineon’s DSC Module. Engineers at both Infineon and Boyd collaborated in explaining the manufacturing process of the liquid cold plates, modeling and testing the DSC modules with a lab cooler and with Boyd’s DSC liquid cold plates, and comparison of a Si-IGBT DSC versus a SiC-MOSFET DSC module.

To read and download the joint paper, click below:

The Introduction of the HybridPACK™ and HybridKIT™

Boyd previously collaborated with Infineon to develop liquid cold plates for Infineon’s Double Side Cooled MOSFETS, the HybridPACK™ specifically designed for electric vehicles. Additionally, Boyd helped introduce the HybridKIT™, an all in one test kit ideal for research & development and initial prototyping. Due to excessive heat loads, sufficient cooling is necessary even for initial testing. Boyd’s specialty liquid cold plates dissipate large amounts of heat in a compact, lightweight form factor and offer greater design flexibility for developing prototype systems.

The HybridKIT™ includes electric drive modules, evaluation boards and drivers, and Boyd’s DSC liquid cold plate, which was designed specifically for this kit to represent production manufacturing performance and envelope.


The HybridKIT™ DSC

The HybridKIT™ DSC is an all in one test kit ideal for research and development and initial prototyping. High heat loads require sufficient cooling even for testing. The HybridKIT™ DSC includes 3 HybridPACK™ DSC test components and an Boyd DSC liquid cold plate designed for this kit to accelerate prototyping and represent to production cooling.

What’s Next?

After using Infineon HybridPACKs™ in the HybridKIT™, Boyd can modify and design lightweight, optimized DSC liquid cold plates for fast prototyping designed specifically for your system and ready for scalable manufacture. In addition, Boyd can help reduce landed costs by providing seals, gaskets, O-rings, custom moldings, and hoses to provide a more complete solution.

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