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Earth Day Cleanup Activity in the Woburn Community

World Earth Day

April 27, 2023

Earth Day is a worldwide observation, highlighting the achievements of the environmental movement while promoting awareness to protect the Earth’s natural resources for future generations. In the US, Earth Day is observed on the 22nd of April. Boyd is committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability. The Woburn location reaffirmed this commitment translating it to action, through acts of service, volunteering in a local community beautification event.

Boyd Woburn Celebrating Earth Day 2023

Boyd Woburn site is located community of Woburn, MA, a suburb of Boston. Led by Nancy Conti, over 13 employees volunteered rolling up sleeves to clean up the surrounding neighborhood.

World Earth Day

Thank you, Woburn team, for your involvement in celebration of Earth Day 2023

Learn more about Boyd’s Environmental Responsibility and our commitment to sustainability.

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