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Adhesive Tape Release Liners

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Last updated Dec 21, 2023 | Published on Mar 24, 2023

What Are Adhesive Tape Release Liners?

Adhesive tape release liners are backing material used to protect the adhesive on an adhesive tape until it is ready for use. The liner is typically made from paper or film coated with a release agent, which allows tape to be easily removed from the liner without damaging the adhesive.

Adhesive tapes are generally wound onto a roll with a release liner for manufacturing. The liner protects and keeps the adhesive clean during shipping and storage and is easily removed prior to application.

What are Adhesive Tape Release Liners made of?

Release liners are available in a variety of materials and thicknesses depending on the end application. The most common types of release liners are either coated paper or films.

Paper release liners are typically coated with silicone to prevent the adhesive from adhering to the liner.

Film release liners are most widely available in polyester, polyethylene, or polypropylene. Silicone, fluorosilicone, and fluoropolymer are common coatings for film release liners.

Release Liner material is selected based on ease of removal, level of cleanliness requirements, and convertibility. Some liners are designed to be easily removed by hand, while others require special tooling or a machine to separate the liner from the tape.

Adhesive Tape Release Liner Selection and Utilization

Release liners are a critical component in the manufacturing process for tapes and components that are laminated to or assembled with tapes. Release liners are also potentially critical for end applications, like medical wearable devices that leverage release liners to protect stick to skin adhesive until it is applied to a patient. Slitting, scoring, or extending liners into pull tabs can reduce assembly times by improving tape application efficiency.

Boyd has fabricated adhesives over 70 years and consistently innovates new processes and use applications. Our material science and manufacturing experts help your team select the best fit release liner for your product and application. Boyd’s specialty is helping you optimize your design and assembly process to reduce time to market and costs. Learn how our engineering team helps you select the right adhesive solution.

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